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Delmarva Braces For Sandy's Brunt

With Hurricane Sandy expected to make landfall around their region, stations covering the so-called Delmarva Peninsula, incorporating parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, are prepping for a rough night.

Delaware has announced a state of emergency, which means no cars on the road–expect official vehicles and the media. In Salisbury, Maryland, residents are asked to stay off the roads.

WMDT Salisbury currently has power and a dry basement, though it is prepared for anything.

“It is all hands on deck,” says Kathleen Mclain, general manager at WMDT, of her news crew of 25. “Or in the field, I should say.”

WMDT is getting some assists from its corps of “Weather Watchers”–25-30 weather aficionados in the market who pitch in with photos and readings around market No. 144.

Market leader WBOC also gets some help from the public; its “NewsWatchers” submit content too, such as this photo of a pier trashed in the storm.

Mclain says the true test will occur tonight, when the storm makes landfall and the winds pick up. With the trees still retaining lots of leaves (though that’s changing by the minute) and the region’s sandy soil, it will make for lots of downed limbs, and entire trees.

“We’re keeping out fingers crossed,” she says. “We take our responsibility to keep the community safe very seriously.”

[top image: WBOC]