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"Damages is dynamite. And the fuse is lit."(Detroit Free Press)"The law-firm arena is one of TV’s oldest and most familiar genres, but Damages enlivens it by defying expectations." (New York Daily News)"It demands commitment and a willingness to pay attention to the smallest bits of information, but it’s also riveting. Once you decide to go take this case, you won’t want to turn back."(Seattle Post-Intellegencer)"Damages is an enjoyably complex thriller."(USA Today)" An impressively constructed thriller and an intriguing, timely exploration of what people at the apex of society will do to hold on to their power."(Chicago Tribune)"It’s the lack of moral clarity that makes Damages so spellbinding. Every character wears multiple masks; every action is cloaked in ambiguity and, often, outright duplicity."(Miami Herald)" Despite its fantastic nature, the story is an onion with a thousand layers, each one a satisfying mystery of its own."(Wall Street Journal)"Problem is that Episode 1 is so out there and over-wrought that you might not make the trip back for Episode 2. That would be a mistake. Week two is when it gets riveting."(New York Post)"This New York legal drama doesn’t have the living, breathing dimensionality and character depth of FX’s finest, including "Rescue Me" and "The Shield," on which Close guest starred in 2005. But it’s a tense fun ride like the better John Grisham movies."(Boston Globe)"The plot is difficult to follow - shot sequences, at least in the first two episodes, often pair sex and death (an FX trademark, practically; it’s the network that looks our animal selves in the eye), whether or not their pairing helps the story–but you’re strung along deftly enough so that you do want to know how it’s all going to play out."(The New Yorker)"Damages offers two superb performances by old pros Glenn Close and Ted Danson…. One thing it doesn’t have: a compelling main character. It’s a doughnut show: lots of sweet, satisfying goodness around the edges, nothing in the middle."(Newark Star-Ledger)"The direction is capable. And there are moments of shining in the script, though there aren’t yet enough fine scenes."(Chicago Sun-Times)"By far the dumber and hammier of the two shows ["Saving Grace" is the other]."(Slate)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd