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Cowell on ‘X Factor’: Cheryl Cole Appears in First Hour of Premiere

Attendees of Fox’s world premiere of The X Factor Wednesday night in Hollywood may be surprised to see that ousted judge Cheryl Cole still appears in the first hour of the two-hour first episode.

“She’s in episode one, she’s in the first hour,” Simon Cowell said of Cole on a press conference call Tuesday afternoon.

Cowell said the issue of Cole’s abrupt replacement by Nicole Scherzinger is addressed straightforwardly, with Cole appearing on the first half of the premiere and Scherzinger in the second.

“I think we pretty much tell it how it was,” he said, adding later, “Bad things happen when you make reality shows and it becomes very public, but you’ve just got to deal with it.”

And judging from Cowell’s comments, fans of judge Paula Abdul’s former antics on American Idol won’t be disappointed by the substitution of Scherzinger.

“Paula can be a bit wacky at times but Nicole actually wasn’t far behind in a fantastically self-centered way, which she wasn’t aware of,” he said, nothing that she changed her accent to match the dialect of each city The X Factor traveled to for auditions.

As for being reunited with Abdul: “It’s like an old dog back from the rescue pound,” Cowell said. “It’s grateful to see you and the relationship is back in tact. “

Those who have seen the promo reel for the show know that Cowell doesn’t escape his fair of drama either, with one scene showing him having a self-described “childish tantrum.” But Cowell said he believes in showing all moments from production.

“It’s not always happy, sunny days when you make these shows. Things go wrong, bad things happen backstage, people have major tantrums, including the judges and the contestants, they go mad at you and you’ve got to show all that,” he said. “You’ve got to show the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

As for that other Fox singing competition show, American Idol, Cowell offered his thoughts on the reality series being up for its first Emmy this Sunday.

“I would find it very amusing that after all these years that the year I wasn’t on it, it would win the Emmy,” he said. “I think that would make me laugh. So it probably will [win]. If it does win, it’s for all the years we did before, so whatever happens I’m going to claim the victory.”