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Court Is In Session

Fox's new drama, Justice, debuted Wednesday night.

It is the latest court show, this time with emphasis on the tricks of the trade, the test juries, focus groups, and such.

It struck me as full of loud, sometimes stilted dialog and portentious looks, a wee bit of overacting and some posing by attractive young un's, particularly the cocky youngster arguing the murder (not-a-murder, as it turns out) case.

It is hard to judge a show by the pilot, though. Remember all that shouting from Spock as "Number One" in the Star Trek pilot. A far cry from the reserved first officer he became. And Fred Flintstone resembled an animated character from a 1950's beer ad in his first incarnation, at lest from old black and white stills I have seen. And I am sure there are examples from this quarter century as well, but you get the point.

Anyway, they have to provide some exposition and relationship-establishing in the first show, so it has yet to find it's rhythm, but everyone seemed to be trying just a little too hard, playing to the stereotype rather than inhabiting it in a fresh way.

Also, can we declare a moratorium on the "concerned lawyer's expression caught in the slivver of closing courtroom elevator door" shot? That is so 1990's.

By John Eggerton