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Common Sense

CNN continues to try to co-opt some of the middle America audience Fox News Channel has so skillfully courted.

A while back they started the drumbeat of being the network to turn to for news on our security. The point, obviously, was that conservatives aren't the only ones who are worried about terrorism.

Then just today I heard a spot for Glenn Beck on Headline Nnews, the conservative talk host that CNN added in may to some criticism from the left.

The spot was on now firmly conservative D.C. talk radio staple WMAL and encouraged listeners to show like Rush and Sean hannity and Mark Levin to tune in to Beck for some "common sense."

Some of that past common sense has included saying how sick he was of the most vocal 9/11 families, who he wants to shut up, and the small percemtage of Katrina survivors who acted like scumbags, who he also wants to shut up.

I don't know whose definition of common sense is wanting other people to shut up, but it aint mine. I think that is the definition of wanting ratings.

Oh, by the way, WMAL is owned by Disney, which is riding the hottest movie in the country right now, Cars, about shallow, superficial coasts redeemed by the NASCAR-racing heartland.

By John Eggerton