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Comic-Con is Coming

It’s almost time for Comic-Con 2009 where geeks, fanboys and media alike will gather at the San Diego Convention Center July 22-26.

BCBeat will have daily round-ups of the big television-related stories and happenings from the convention.

Some of this year’s highlights will include sneak peek pilot screenings of The CW’s hotly- anticipated Vampire Diaries, Fox’s Human Target and ABC’s V. Notable panels include: Richard Hatch: Battlestar Retrospective, USA Network’s Burn Notice, USA’s Psych, SyFy’sCaprica/Battlestar Galactica: The Plan with Ron Moore and David Eick; SyFy’s Warehouse 13, Fox’sPast Life, Fox’s Bones; Fox’s Dollhouse; Fox’s Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane;Showtime’s Weeds; Smallville screening and Q&A and a screening of the famous Buffy the Musical episode.

Click here for the full Comic-Con schedule.

Be sure to also check out for a preview of the convention (TCA hindered by Comic-Con schedule; TV Biz Tunes In To Comic-Con) and full reports live from San Diego.

Below is a list of folks who will be tweeting about Comic-Con:









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