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COLLEGE: The State of Animation

A little while ago The Simpsons declared it would be revealing the long awaited trailer of the movie version of their show. Even though my roommate loathes the new episodes of The Simpsons, he tuned in for this one to catch the trailer (I neglected to tell him that it was already on YouTube.) He changed channels as soon as the trailer finished, but declared it was “very funny”. I’m pretty sure that was his way of justifying sitting through 20 minutes of mind-numbing jokes. Is this what the state of animated programming has become? Even though Family Guy’s return was highly buzzed, it too has sunk into mediocrity. I don’t even want to talk about American Dad.

The Annie Awards nominations were announced yesterday and as I skimmed over the many, many categories celebrating animation in television, I noticed I had no idea what most of these shows were. My Gym Partner's a Monkey? Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?…Wow! Wow! Wubbzy? I continued perusing over the nominations (I skipped ones like “Best Storyboarding”) and came across the best writing category. I was excited to get an idea of what the great animated shows I wasn’t watching were. What did I see? The Simpsons, American Dad, and two episodes of Family Guy. Yes, The Simpsons was once great…but that was years – or shall I say a decade ago. Family Guy has lost its charm and American Dad was never funny. Ever. The last nominee was My Gym Partner's a Monkey, but unless it is crowned winner of this dismal category I don’t think I will be trusting the Annies to help me decide my TV watching.

By Intern Gordie Steiner