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COLLEGE: The Oh-So-Terrible, Compulsively Watchable Nip/Tuck

Since having a TV in your dorm room isn’t exactly a rarity, dragging yourself to the common room seems rather harrowing. Granted, Grey’s Anatomy appears to be one show people watch together, but even then, its audience is highly female and no one really cares if Whatsherface ends up with McDreamy. I never hear the Lost talk stop, but everyone feels some sort of personal attachment to the show, as if it were a sin to watch it anywhere but in your own, dark room. Where is our Friends? Our Melrose Place? It’s on F/X; it just doesn’t know it yet.

The one show that is trying desperately to stir the pot is the oh-so-terrible yet ever so watchable Nip/Tuck. I have seen this show fall from greatness into something so abysmal it was hard to watch…yet the show has bounced back a bit and is now verging on good again. The show has been consistently hitting around 4 million viewers each week so they’re doing something right. What it now needs to do is fully embrace its ridiculousness and stop taking itself so seriously. Joely Richardson is a great actress, but the character of Julia has become a disaster. Give her a decent storyline or kill her off. We aren’t looking for a brilliant show, just something a little edgy and addictive. A note to The CW: One Tree Hill does not count. It never will.
By Intern Emeritus Gordie Steiner