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COLLEGE: Is Anybody Voting?

As I walked through my residence hall this morning I noticed various “VOTE HERE” signs. I assumed they were redoing the student council elections and decided to go check it out. As I made my way through the lobby, there were about twenty-five elderly people filling out ballots. It slowly dawned on me that this had something to do with Congress.

I know more about Mark Foley from a late night comedy show than an actual news channel and I’m quite sure the only election coverage I have seen has been on the internet. Yes, we get blasted with election commercials throughout primetime television, but as far as I see it, the majority of college students get their primary information from two places: The Daily Show and YouTube.

I’m sure election coverage has been heavy on CNN and the big four networks, but I would really have no idea. It’s sweeps weeks, and to me, a gun robbery episode on Desperate Housewives is far more exciting than what CNN has to offer. As a Canadian television fanatic, half of everything I’ve learned about American politics has come from The West Wing and President Josiah Bartlet–so excuse my ignorance. The sad part is that I have not heard the election be brought up once in conversation with other students. I didn’t know who was running, and I’d bet neither does half of my residence. Not being a US citizen, I have a good excuse for not voting, but I can guarantee that the vast majority of my Americans peers will be far more concerned with not missing tonight’s Nip/Tuck than filling out their ballots.

By Intern Gordie Steiner