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Colbert EP Silverman on to bigger, better. Is there such a thing?

Allison Silverman, executive producer of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, is leaving the show, the network said today (Monday, Aug. 24) and we’re concerned.

Without Silverman, will we still get such great moments as this?

In a statement, Colbert praised Silverman’s contribution to the show, on which she has worked since its launch in 2005: “It has been a great joy to work with Allison and watch her grow from a devastatingly funny writer to a devastatingly funny leader. I am happy for my dear friend, but I will miss her. And this statement would be much funnier if she would just stay and help me write it.”

It’s possible that Colbert allowed Silverman to have the funnier quote as a parting gift, but in any case, she fared a bit better in the canned quote department: “I will always treasure my time at The Colbert Report. Not many people get to work on a kind-hearted show with a brilliant staff and a host who thinks Watership Down is non-fiction,” adding “For me, the only thing that could top working with Stephen Colbert would be having Stephen Colbert as a lifelong friend, and I am very excited to start that project.”

We in Colorado also are big fans of Colbert’s “Better Know a District” segment, although we are at a loss to understand why any politician in his (or her) right mind would allow Colbert to interview him (or her). Still, we recently enjoyed this edition, featuring Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) of the Fightin’ Second, which includes Boulder and Vail, thus making it clearly the best district in the world.