Skip to main content the Winner, the Loser in Quick Egypt Survey

A quick check around the TV news Web sites at noon Eastern (one hour after the curfew in Egypt) showed some very different outcomes regarding coverage of the exploding story, from CNN touting live coverage front and center, to apparently not yet knowing about it.

Front and center on the Web site of CNN was a big window to watch live coverage, as it should be. Their Web site is the winner of a quick survey.

Al Jazeera also had a nice window touting live video of its coverage, though you had to scroll down on the right to find it.

CBS, MSNBC and Fox News all had the Egypt story front and center with plenty of coverage, but did not tout live video (at least not prominently if they did).

At a time like this with many Americans at work, it would seem the perfect time to be streaming coverage – any coverage – of a massive international event unfolding and producing incredible pictures.

And then there was – which had a lead story about a woman in Michigan dying. With all due respect to her and her family, that is embarrassing.  (NOTE: Egypt finally became the top story about 15 minutes later).

Recently, new ABC News chief Ben Sherwood basically called his Web site below the caliber of his TV news division when he noted that a mistaken report about Gabrielle Giffords’ death only made it to the site, not to the network, so the mistake wasn’t as bad.

It seems he was right.  And that he better fix it.  Soon.