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The Club Scene

ABC's Cavemen sounds like a throwback to another era, not prehistoric, but circa 1966.

That was the last time I watched a show about cavefolk trying to deal with the vicisissitudes of modern life.

That show was CBS' It's About Time which lasted one season, combined astronauts with cavemen and women, and shouldn't have lasted that long. Next to My Mother the Car, it was the goofiest idea for a sitcom imaginable, though the execution wasn't much to write home about either.

But you have to give props to ABC for mixing it up. Trying sitcoms when few are trying them; Friday night Bingo; and a show based on a series of commercials for car insurance.

Frankly, I would have liked to see that Geico lizard get his own show. I still think Burt Bacharach singing about the little guy licking his eyeball was inspired stuff, though not enough there for a TV series.

That is my issue with the cavemen. How long can you keep that one fresh?

That said, any network that keeps Boston Legal on the air is OK in my book. I will give the show a shot.

By John Eggerton