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Chase Carey: Does Not Expect the White House To Be 'vindictive'

Fox News has made much hay of the White House’s strenuous attempts to de-legitimize the news channel. Greta Van Susteren has called it “silly” and “patently absurd.” Hannity is running promos boasting: “Not approved by the White House.”

On Wednesday, Chase Carey, deputy chairman, president and COO of News Corp., weighed in.

“It’s probably been PR and marketing we couldn’t have bought,” he said.

Carey was speaking at Broadcasting & Cable’s OnScreen Media Summit at the Edison Ballroom.

Asked if he is concerned that the White House would let its campaign against Fox News bleed into FCC- or media-related policy issues, Carey said: “I don’t think they’ll conduct themselves in a vindictive way. They are running a government for the people.”

“I think Fox News is quite comfortable where it is,” he added. “We try to present an honest presentation of the issues from both sides. It has clearly struck a raw nerve. We’re not trying to pick a fight. We’ trying to present an honest and in [Fox News chairman] Roger [Ailes’] words, a fair and balanced perspective of the issues. We’re quite comfortable with where we are.”