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Charlie Rose, I stand corrected

Well done Charlie Rose!

After I openly doubted in my last post Rose would “stir the pot” and ask Les Moonves about Tom Freston at an industry luncheon, it turned out the luncheon was being taped for Rose’s television show – so fortunately for everyone, it was not a softball chat over rubber chicken.  Instead it was an entertaining back-and-forth over some pretty good chicken skewers.

Rose opened with questions about Freston, leading to a rather engaging 55-minute chat in which a confident Moonves fired some shots, reiterated that both CBS and content are king, and even professed his love for billboards.

For a wrap-up, check out our main site at, or check your TV listings for when the special is going to air (Rose wasn't sure), as it may be as soon as Wednesday.

By Ben Grossman