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Cedar Rapids, "Nashville" and "Manhattan"

We’ve got our first-ever profile of Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City-Dubuque, also known as DMA No. 88, in the new issue today.

My lede to the article played off the film “Cedar Rapids”, the Sundance hit that stars The Office cast member Ed Helms.

Initially I’d written:

Sundance Film Festival sleeper hit ‘Cedar Rapids’ may not equal the buzz of Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ or Robert Altman’s ‘Kansas City’, but the movie has helped put Iowa’s second-largest city on the map.

Our managing editor hit me back, wondering if I meant to cite Robert Altman’s “Nashville” instead of “Kansas City.” I was in fact thinking of KC, but had him switch it to the better known “Nashville.” Interesting that Altman would direct two films named for cities. (Film buffs…or IMDB readers….may know that he also directed a TV film known as “Nightmare in Chicago”.)

That got me thinking of films named after American cities. (To be sure, Manhattan is technically the name of a borough, not a city.). There is “Philadelphia”, and the film adaptation of “Chicago.”

What’s perhaps more interesting are the cities that don’t have a film named for them. Boston, which does have a band by that name. Dallas, which of course has a TV show. Los Angeles, which is cited in a bunch of film titles (”LA Story,” “LA Confidential”), but does not have  a feature-length film named for it.

A little north of Dallas, there is Paris, Texas–also a 1984 film from Win Wenders. But that’s not exactly a big city.

Any other city-named films I’m overlooking, where the name of the city and the name of the film are one and the same?

Oh, and speaking of DMA No. 88, KCRG is a monster, and KWWL puts out some strong product too.