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Cablevision Rep Sticks to the Script

I’m usually pretty good about sticking to the topic of this blog and writing about the station business. But I have a cable story I thought was worth sharing.

The Malones are switching from Cablevision to Verizon FiOS. It’s not because Cablevision’s customer service is bad, though I can’t say it’s been good. And it’s not just to stop the cavalcade of marketing mail from Verizon FiOS ever since it got permission to break ground in our area. It’s enough to stock a landfill.

We’re switching because BBC America just recently picked up the Six Nations Rugby Championship, pitting the national teams of England, Ireland and France (and three others) against each other. For years, rugby fans had to go to one of a handful of pubs in the bigger, more cosmopolitan markets, and shell out twenty bucks to the Setanta bouncer to get in.

We used to go to McCormack’s in Manhattan. Irish breakfast and a Guinness, and kickoff was 9 a.m. They were good times.

FiOS offers BBC America. Cablevision does not.

So I explained that to the Cablevision customer service rep as I called to cancel our service. She made repeated efforts to keep me on board, as one would expect, before conceding defeat by informing me that Cablevision will cover some or all of FiOS’ early termination fee should I seek a premature split from my contract, which was good to know.

We bid each other good bye, and the woman wrapped up the convo by saying “thank you for choosing Cablevision.”

That’s right, “thank you for choosing Cablevision” when I’m dropping Cablevision.

Here’s a little suggestion–let the customer service reps break from the set script when the situation calls for it.