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Buying The War: PBS

"On screen, Moyers - who tonight tackles the story of how the press botched the run-up to the Iraq war - seems more resigned than outraged. In this exploration, the press' failings in 2002 and '03 feel like a natural consequence of the way Washington works. Moyers' whole aspect here often seems larded with a sense of sadness and regret; he's not looking for answers as much as for confirmation - of the way the world works and the way absolute power corrupts." (Newsday) "Last round? Don't count on it. Indispensable television? That's a safe bet." (AP) "Tonight's edition of "Bill Moyers Journal" on PBS is one of the most gripping and important pieces of broadcast journalism so far this year, but it's as disheartening as it is compelling." (Washington Post) "He's simply asking the questions that should have been asked five years ago, and should be asked more loudly and in higher-profile outlets right now." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) "This is the kind of work television can do brilliantly when given time and resources and the talents of a questioner like Bill Moyers." (Denver Post) "There is no one representing the conservative argument here, nor the deeper ideological reasons for believing in the Iraq invasion. But that's partly Moyers' position: In the run-up to war, point-counterpoint emerged as a devastating sham." (LA Times)

"Not everyone will embrace his positions, but in a media environment filled with well-sucked thumbs but precious little true introspection, for public television to allocate one hour a week to this sort of provocative, high-IQ TV hardly sounds like too much to ask." (Variety)

You can watch Buying The War in its entirety here.

Compiled by Alex Weprin