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Building Bridges at WWOR

WWOR New York took some lumps in the NY Times today. The Fox-owned MyNet station, based in  Secaucus, NJ, presented its case to the public yesterday that it does indeed represent the interests of the great state of New Jersey, and therefore desrves a license renewal. 

Concerned parties, including Senator Frank Lautenberg, argued that WWOR does a much better job of reporting on that big, brightly lit city located just across the Hudson. 

Reporter Elizabeth Dwoskin unearthed a few humorous details in her story. For one, the station switched an image of the New York City skyline on its homepage to picture of the George Washington Bridge a few hours after the hearing. Also, a WWOR TV camera at the hearing appeared to have masking tape over the ‘NY’ portion of its ‘My9NY’ logo.