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Brownback Caught Behind Elephant

The House had yet to vote on the Sam Brownback-backed Decency bill at press time mid-afternoon, as it "debated"–their word, not mine– a resolution praising the King of Thailand, who apparently supplied elephants to soldiers in the Civil War, I assume to ride and on the side of the North.

The king did other stuff, too, but I didn't catch anything after the elephants (not that I want to be catching anything from the after of an elephant, anyway).

Then there was the extensive praise for a free, Democratic Mongolia and, earlier in the day, the joint congressional session to hear the head of Latvia speak about Latvian things.

Sam Brownback, who backed the bill, could be forgiven a little pique, not that I have heard there was any, as a roll call vote on his legislation boosting FCC indecency fines 10-fold kept getting moved back.

It seemed to come within a whisker of passage by voice vote Tuesday night before being snatched from the jaws of victory by a call for a roll call vote, which was then put off until Wednesday, though that might have been all part of the orchestrated Kabuki dance of legislation.

Meanwhile, some others eagerly awaiting the decency bill's passage–I'm not one of them, by the way, just "awaiting"–were getting impatient to get the thing passed and on to the White House, which still has not gotten back to me, after two days, on how soon the president can be expected to sign it.

Not a good sign for those seeking expedience, which, I repeat, does not include me.

Did I digress? No, I don't think I did this time.

By John Eggerton