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Brothers and Sisters: A Great Cast Wasted?

ABC’s Brothers and Sisters was the only pilot not sent out by the networks, which immediately fires up red flags that trouble is a brewing.

To make matters less certain, when asked about that fact to open the show’s TCA panel, the creators hemmed and hawed for awhile, trying to explain it away with having to recast some parts, including Sally Field joining the show as Calista Flockhart’s character’s mother.

Optimism did not exactly brim from their responses, which included something about the pilot being a Trojan Horse for the actual show.  Yikes.

It would be a shame because with a cast that includes Field, Flockhart, and Ron Rifkin among others, there is a nice team assembled.

And the post-Desperate Housewives slot that helped birth a little show called Grey’s Anatomy won’t hurt either.

If the show bombs, just for the hell of it my bet is ABC rescues Ugly Betty from Friday night hell and gives it a shot Sundays at 10.


So the “reader’s digest” lady reporter just began asking a question and the entire audience literally began booing her before she could finish.  Outstanding!  But instead of her typical stupid inquiry, she audibled to another stupid question to all the ladies about how they feel about their characters from a “female girl” perspective.

I have to find out this woman’s name, they should name this press tour after her.

By Ben Grossman