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Broadcasters Foundation Sees Big Increase in Requests for Assistance

February 15, 2010

John Eggerton

Come on NBC.  Bryon Wilson was Skiing USA and got hardly a mention for making it to the podium.

An American just won a bronze medal in the moguls and not a mention. No interview. No announcer said anything about it as far as I, or my confounded wife, could discern. If I am wrong, weigh in and I will heat crow for the peacock.

Yes, a Canadian finally won a gold medal on home soil, or snow as it were, which is worthy of note on American television and great celebration in Canada.

But it was a glaring oversight to ignore the accomplishment of an American medalist. And by no mention I mean nothing, nada, zip. A graphic showing the order of finish with the American in bronze medal position as.

So, here is how it should have gone after the numerous references to the end of the Canadian drought and the interview with the winner, Alex Bilodeau, and cut-aways to his cheering brother and to Canadian fans in front of a big screen, and a promo for the figure skating that was to follow, and then a commercial and a return to the moguls venue for another mention of the winner.

“Finally, Canada breaks the home gold drought. But how about that young American Bryon Wilson. He will be bringing home a medal in his debut performance. And what a performance it was. Topped only by the reigning Gold Medalist from Torino Dale Begg-Smith and the gold medal winning Canadian skiing for his home country and history.

“Let’s have a word with Bryon, who helped push the U.S. medal total to a games-high six, a gold, two silver and now three bronze.”