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'Bright Blue Scrotum' Incident Costs WBAL Reporter Job

First off, let us take a moment to note that it’s the first-ever appearance in the Station to Station blog for the word “scrotum.”

John Sanders is out at WBAL Baltimore after a bizarre incident involving an escaped monkey, a doctored Fox News clip and the phrase “bright blue scrotum.”

The story has run pretty rampant in the blogosphere, with TVNewser and Huffington Post weighing in.  HuffPo apparently took the doctored clip at face value, and had to run a retraction and apology to Fox News’ Gibson.

Here’s a long clip explaining pretty much everything on, including an interview with Sanders where he explains how he made the video as a joke to “share with friends.” Sanders says he annotated the video to make it clear that Gibson never actually uttered the “bright blue scrotum” phrase, though it appears that annotation did not appear in the video that was taken at face value by HuffPo.

The blog Johnny Dollar’s Place has a pretty good summary of how this thing took off.

Sanders is no longer employed at WBAL, thanks to the bright blue scrotum incident. “This video was not approved by, used or sanctioned in any way by WBAL-TV or Hearst-Argyle Television and we do not condone such behavior,” the station said in a statement.