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Bravo’s 'Top Chef' Tour Takes Shape

B&C has been all over Bravo’s Top Chef tour. Since breaking the story in May, we have taken a video tour of the truck and spoken to former “cheftestants” (ugh) about what they will be doing as the tour moves forward.

Well, Bravo has announced the tour dates, so all you Top Chef fanatics take note: the tour could be coming to your city soon.

Boston, MA                 July 1

Philadelphia, PA           July 4

Pittsburgh, PA              July 9

Columbus, OH             July 12

St. Louis, MO              July 16

Denver, CO                 July 19

Phoenix, AZ                 July 26

San Diego, CA             July 30

San Francisco, CA       August 2, 3

Los Angeles, CA          August 8

Des Moines, IA            August 16

Detroit, MI                   August 23

Madison, WI                August 27

Chicago, IL                  September 3, 4

Raleigh, NC                 September 13

Tampa, FL                   September 20

Orlando, FL                 September 24

Atlanta, GA                  September 27

New York, NY            TBD

That’s right, New York is TBD. Whatever.

So what can fans and affiliates expect? Well, in each city the cheftestants will perform four live interactive shows, three for fans and one for Bravo’s cable affiliates.

Also on board the truck will be cooking demos, tastings, show secrets and cooking tips. 

Affiliates will also get a private meet and greet with the chefs, taggable spots promoting the tour as well as logo and product placement inside the truck.