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Boston Aces DTV Test

With an exceptionally wired populace and strong participation in the Nightlight program, the Boston market glided through D(TV) Day with a minimal percent of the market claiming digital TV issues. Despite some hiccups with digitally equipped viewers getting a blank screen instead of Sunbeam WHDH, one broadcasting exec called Boston’s analog shutoff “the ultimate yawn.”

The #7 DMA has an estimated 28,000 households that were unprepared going into the big turnoff, and three stations keeping an analog signal alive as part of the FCC’s Nightlight campaign.

Reports the Boston Globe:

On Friday, when the changeover happened, nearly 11,000 New Yorkers called the FCC with DTV problems. In Chicago, more than 6,500 callers were logged. Only 357 calls were made from Boston, putting us in better shape than dozens of other metro areas, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, and even much smaller cities like Tampa, Columbia, S.C., Toledo, Ohio, and Jackson, Miss.

Massachusetts itself fared among the best as well, with fewer logged calls to the FCC than about 30 other states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. California and New York had the most problems statewide with 39,000 to 42,000 calls made Friday alone. In Massachusetts, 1,781 people called with DTV issues.