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A Blog About Blogs is Born

Eye on Blogs, the much ballyhooed (mostly by me) blog aggregator from Brittney Gilbert and KPIX San Francisco, launched about 15 minutes ago. Formerly of WKRN Nashville, Gilbert’s inaugural post’s headline reads: A Bay Area Blogging Bonanza Has Begun. 

"It’s a weblog about blogs in the Bay Area," writes Gilbert. "There is an aggregator on the right-hand side of the site that automatically displays the latest feeds from the most recently updated blogs in the area. I’ll be acting as a human aggregator, reading local blogs and selecting posts to highlight here in the center column…"

Gilbert’s perspective should be unique; like so many Bay Area residents, she’s new to the market. She developed a loyal following to both her personal blog, Sparkwood & 21, and the Nashville is Talking blog aggregator at WKRN, drawing admirers and adversaries alike. 

Curiously, the "Bay Area Blogs" section that would presumably be the main course on Eye on Blogs features content from other CBS-owned stations in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. It must be some sort of placeholder until actual posts from the Bay Area community are added; as it now stands, it hardly hits on Gilbert’s mission statement about "blogs in the Bay Area."  

The pool of station-level blog aggregators is pretty thin. KING Seatte’s Citizen Rainwould have to be the gold standard.