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Blago on Letterman: His Way

Rod Blagojevich always wanted to be a guest on Letterman and last night, although it took an impeachment, being ousted from office, and a pending criminal trial, Blago’s dream came true.

The ubiquitous former governor of Illinois shook hands formally with David Letterman as Paul Schaffer and TheLate Show band played Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Letterman, who seems to have reached his sardonic best in his latter television years, finally asked Blagojevich some straightforward questions about the corruption case against him, even playing part of a tape in which Blagojevich and his brother are talking about getting money from a racetrack owner (allegedly in return for favorable legislation for the racing industry).

Blagojevich did his typical dance around most of the more pressing issues, falling back on his standard talking points (including the one about how the real reason the Illinois Senate impeached him was because he offered affordable medicine to senior citizens) and reminding everyone that there would be an approriate time for him to be vindicated…but that it isn’t now.

That got me thinking back to the beginning of the interview and Letterman’s very first question, the one that no doubt many TV viewers have had on their minds as Blago continues to romp around on the talk show trail: “Why exactly are you here?”

Watch Rod Blagojevich on The Late Show with David Letterman