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'The Black Donnellys' Steal From Widows

I know that Tommy Donnelly is supposed to be a sympathetic character, but I’m having a really hard time buying into that after last night’s Black Donnellys. Yes, he’s trying to protect his brothers, yes, he’s trying to protect his mother, and yes, as many generations’ worth of mob movies have taught us, once you get caught up in the mob, you don’t get out.

Now, though, they’ve got him stealing from a widow–the widow of the man who stepped in as Tommy’s father figure years before, who had been paying his tuition, and who Tommy had murdered. And not only does he have to steal her money, but he’s the one she calls for protection when she finds out she’s been robbed. On top of that, her son tells Tommy that he’d seen what Tommy had done, and that he won’t tell anyone.

I know it may seem odd that I’ve been willing to buy into the theme over the last three episodes, and just now I’m having a change of heart. But please, I just want them to let the kid do something nice for a change.

By Liz McKeon