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Before the 'Black Donnellys' Arrive

A few parting shots fired across Studio 60's bow as it signs off indefinitely:

I wonder why, in an episode dealing with sexual harassment and relationships between the cast and crew members, there was no mention of Tom and Lucy’s date? Presumably it had happened two weeks before, but we’ve heard nothing further about them. Was it done on purpose to hold them above the fray? There also was no direct correlation drawn between the pending lawsuit and Danny and Jordan’s relationship, which was supposedly being conducted under the radar last week, and presumably conducted out in the open now.

Is Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s best-known poem really “Kubla Khan”? I would have answered, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Then again, I recently had to explain the metaphorical significance of the albatross to a friend after he’d referred to me as his albatross, so maybe it’s not as well-known as I’d assumed.(I think he meant it as a compliment.)

Regardless of where you stand on the utterly annoying Matt and Harriet relationship, it was a fitting coda, to the episode and the series, to establish her as his 4 a.m. miracle. I realize this wasn’t planned as the last episode (at least I don’t believe so), but I was happy with that last scene as its wrap.

I’ll echo the commenters and say that I hope more episodes are made available to viewers. I enjoyed watching the show, and while I would never have dreamed of critiquing The West Wing the way I felt I could analyze this show, I also suspect that the comparison may have been Studio’s ultimate demise.

By Guest Blogger Liz McKeon