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Bionic Woman: NBC

"A few years into the original series, Jaime (Lindsay Wagner) was given a pet, a bionic German shepherd named Max. The current series might want to see if old Max is available for duty. A lively game of fetch could do the new Jaime a world of good." (San Diego Union-Tribune) "In keeping with the times, the remake has a much darker tone. It is gloomy and foreboding and atmospheric. That aside, the version I previewed was as uneven as Britney’s hemline after a bender." (Toronto Star) "This new series based on the 1970s cult hit of a woman who gets bionic limbs after an accident is hardly a mechanically enhanced remake.

    In fact, for a series that’s supposed to have better special effects, more grounded acting and updated and realistic sensibilities from the 1976 original, it’s amazing how it fails on nearly all levels." (Salt Lake Tribune) "NBC’s lavish and splashy new version of "Bionic Woman," is not, as one might fear, a "BW" stripped of everything that fans loved about the ’70s original. But let’s face facts: It comes close. If the same producer decided to revive the Invisible Man, one wonders if he would decide to make the guy visible this time out, just to give it a new spin. None of that means "BW" is remotely a bad show, just a different one from what those who remember the original might expect — a new series exploiting a time-tested, pre-sold title." (Washington Post) “Bionic Woman” is dark, not polyester bright, but it isn’t much better than the original at depicting running at superspeed. The new series is filmed in the sleek, washed-out palette that is currently so fashionable on shows like “Heroes” and “Prison Break.” “Bionic Woman” also follows the current fad for serialized confusion: There is a mysterious conspiracy surrounding the bio-military experiments at a research center that keeps the plot murky and drives characters to speak in terse, enigmatic undertones." ( NY Times) "It’s no longer Steve Austin’s America, after all. Like any good sci-fi tale, "Bionic" reflects the fears and longings of the present, and as we have been told often in other contexts, the current mood of the country is something other than optimistic." (LA Times) "How kewl is this? So cool, it’s chilly, cold, frozen, frostbitten - anything but warm and fun. NBC’s new "Bionic Woman" remake is a desolate slab of ice where any resemblance to human beings - alive, dead or cyborgian - is purely coincidental." (Newsday)"This 21st-century "Bionic Woman," whose rebuilt hero is estimated at having a $50 million price tag, isn’t money particularly well spent - for the heroine or the series." (NY Daily News) "Inflation cannot explain why the producers of the new "Bionic Woman" have decided to make a show that is so dark and depressing that it made me want to slit my wrists." ( NY Post)

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