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Bewkes splits Warners' top job in three

It’s a day of trios: J. Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson are American Idol’s new judging panel, while Bruce Rosenblum, Jeff Robinov and Kevin Tsujihara are Warner Bros.’ new presidential panel.

Rosenblum, Robinov and Tsujihara each will continue to run his division – TV, film and home video and digital, respectively — while also “becoming more engaged in the operations of the overall company, at a time of convergence of content and distribution platforms throughout the entertainment industry.”

Meanwhile, Barry Meyer remains company chairman and CEO for two more years, while Alan Horn, currently president and COO, will depart that position in April and remain at the company as a consultant until December 2013.

Rumors of this succession have been circulating for months, with most wondering which of the three men would ascend to the top of the company when Meyer and Horn, who have run Warner Bros. for the past 12 years, finally retired. Under this arrangement, all three men move up but no one man is sole possessor of the top job.

Here’s Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes’ statement on the succession:

“After a great deal of thought and many discussions with Barry and Alan, we decided that this phased plan was in the best interest of Warner Bros. and its businesses,” said Bewkes. “Barry and Alan have overseen the most successful years in the company’s history, and I am very pleased that they are remaining to guide this transition and to ensure as little disruption to our operations as possible.”

Bewkes continued, “The formation of the Office of the President acknowledges the many contributions Jeff, Bruce and Kevin have made and the leadership they continue to show not only in their businesses but in our industry as well. Their vision will take Warner Bros. into the future, and we are very confident in their abilities to chart its strategic direction and define new areas of growth for the company.”