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Ben Silverman, “The Paris Hilton of NBC” Analyzes Himself

New York
–“I may be the Paris Hilton of NBC, that’s what our head of HR says, but the fact is, I am so committed to the job,” So says Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, speaking at the New York Television Festival Monday.

Ad man and CNBC host Donny Deutsch put on his best James Lipton/Inside The Actors Studio hat for a panel conversation with Silverman, whose personal life is often splashed across the tabloids. Deutsch asked him to “analyze the Ben Silverman brand.” 

“I am unapologetic, and I think that is unusual,” Silverman said. “We live in a world where our politicians lie to us, our celebrities lie to us and our CEOs lie to us. And I think its something that is unique. I think it is also a job I want, I am doing it by choice, which throws people who are on a treadmill for life just trying to get access to these opportunities and doing everything in their power to hold onto them”

 “I grew up walking into 30 Rock to go wait on line for Saturday Night Live, and it’s a lot more fun going in there as the co-chairman,” he added.

Silverman also says that his personal life may lend itself to the tabloid news style.

“The unrelenting press attention was something I didn’t expect, and I don’t think I managed it as well as I could,” Silverman added. “I am the only person doing this job that’s single, the only person under 40, I just think there are other elements that may play into it. Sure, I invited a lot of that onto myself, and this coming Sunday is the Emmys and I will be sitting with the nominees, not with the other network heads, I’m sure that would piss me off too.”