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B&C Week: Friday, June 1

Pittsburgh doesn’t get nearly enough mention in B&C Week, and we’re here to change that. WQED Pittsburgh launches the Neighborhood Channel on the digital spectrum, showcasing the station’s programming highlights from the past half century. Inside our more frequently trafficked precincts, the FCC hosts its Spectrum Policy and Management: Building Inoperable…sorry, InteroperablePublic Safety Communications confab in the Commission Meeting Room in Washington. Speaking of networking—or at least net-working—Spider-Man is celebrated at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. The museum shows the 16-millimeter print of the old animated series, airing The Power of Dr. Octopus and Sub-Zero for Spidey. While your friends are seeing Spider-Man 3 at the friendly neighborhood multiplex, you and Spidey can kick it old-school at the museum.