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BC Review: 'Fringe' on Fox

“It’s a territory ripe for exploration as real world science and technology begin to take off into all sorts of trajectories. The show then wisely operates in that "fringe" or pseudo area where the dots haven’t quite gotten connected, meaning it can pull off its various crazy concepts without having to fully explain them - but at the same time gives them enough rules so that they aren’t easy outs or cure alls.”

(Brian Ford Sullivan, The Futon Critic)

“Taking its name from "fringe science" phenomena like mind control, invisibility and reanimation, Fringe, which debuts September 9th, does a nifty job of setting up a conspiracy mythology in the best X-Files tradition, while throwing in one "WTF?!?" reveal after another, ala Lost.”

(Hugh Hart, Wired)

“The show is dripping with the type of imagination that should whet the appetite of any sci-fi fan. But the poor development of the action, as evidenced in the pilot, turns what should be an awesome fantasy series into a surprisingly ordinary and only mildly entertaining procedural.”

(Brian Cantor, Headline Planet)

“This is a hugely ambitious project and smacks of Kevin Reilly’s positive influence over FOX: it’s intelligent, controversial, and populist at the same time, filled with memorably abrasive characters, gruesome horror, and tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s House meets The X-Files with The Twilight Zone and some of the British series Eleventh Hour thrown into the mix.”


“The two most successful sci-fi themed shows in modern history are “Lost” and “The X-Files.” So if “Fringe” is going to be compared to anything, those shows are a fine place as any to start.”

(James Hibberd, The Hollywood Reporter)

“This spine chilling thriller deserves a look and could develop into a real zinger depending on where they go with this open-ended concept.”

(Billy Ingram, tvparty)

“Casting really is the strongest suit here. The pilot script and story is very compelling. It’s not "Lost"-level instantly addicting, but it leaves you very curious about what’s gonna happen next week.”

(Cynthia Littleton, Variety)

“Fringemay have an audience initially because of J.J. Abrams huge fan base — but its going to take a lot more to get this clumsily linear show to get it’s footing in it’s Tuesday night 9PM timeslot.”

(Steve Ekstrom, Newsarama)

Compiled by Lucy Hemmings