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B&C Reports: Top Chef 3 in NYC

Bravo hosted an event yesterday in New York’s Union Square to celebrate the premiere of Top Chef season three (which premieres tonight at 10). Judges Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi and Ted Allen were joined by season two winner Ilan Hall, season two fan favorite Sam Talbot and Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick to promote the new season. B&Cs own Bryon Rudd went to the event, and spoke to Colicchio, Zalaznick, and Allen. His report is below.

Judge Padma Lakshmi, Season two winner Ilan Hall and Sam Talbot

Today, at noon, several hundred Top Chef fans arrived in Union Square, where Bravo and NYC&Company hosted “A Taste of Top Chef”.  I was fortunate to speak with Head Judge Tom Colicchio, Queer Eye’s Culinary Expert Ted Allen and Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick, all of whom were very excited to launch season three.

I asked Tom if he thought anyone would stand out this season in a good or bad way: “I think more or less, they are all great characters.  Hung is a great character, just runs around the kitchen, just a really exciting role. I think Brian will be the heartthrob of the season. Good looking guy who is also very talented.  I think they all have really strong personalities.  The talent pool is a lot deeper.  I think this season is anyone’s game,” said Colicchio  

Top Chef Judge, chef, and restaurateur Tom Colicchio

Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick also expressed enthusiasm for the upcoiming season: “Well Bravo is super excited about season three for Top Chef.  I’ve seen the first bunch of episodes…I think it will be the best season on every measure that we’ve done…  There are some great characters.  The quality of the chefs is top notch this year.  Everyone has a very even playing field going in and they start to show their colors in the first couple episodes and the rest shall be reveled,” said Zalaznick

Ted Allen spoke very positively about this seasons new batch of chefs: “The chefs come this year come from some really amazing restaurants.  I’ve got my eye on trey from Dallas and Hung.  It has to be entertaining.  A really interesting moment for me…well I’ve got some cherries, some onions, the way a chef thinks, just being that organic…I have to plan everything out…I cannot just wing it like that and that’s the difference between a pro chef and someone who is just an enthusiast…what has to matter to us is what’s on the plate. I want to see food that is passionate and gorgeous…sometimes you really do get that and sometimes it just really falls apart,” said Allen.