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Bay Area, Baltimore Stations Converge on NOLA

A handful of happy station reporters are in New Orleans, following the Ravens or the Niners for their hometown viewers in advance of the Bowl.

The most viewed story on WBAL Baltimore’s site today, not surprisingly, is a slideshow of Super Bowl pix from New Orleans.

Sinclair’s WBFF Baltimore site has a section, “Ray’s Last Ride to New Orleans,” dedicated to Ravens ‘backer Ray Lewis. 

The WBFF talent also puts together a little song and dance that puts the ‘86 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle to shame.

WJZ reports that Ray Lewis is “agitated” over allegations that he used illegal substances, while WMAR’s site checks out a Ravens cheerleader deemed “too fat” to lead cheers in New Orleans.

Out west, the joint CBS San Francisco TV and radio site proclaims itself Your Source For Everything Niners, along with a Guide to Kaepernicking, which is actually not that radically different from Tebowing. CBS is a winner regardless of who takes the trophy Sunday, owning stations in both Baltimore and San Francisco.

KNTV’s leads with the proclamation that Beyonce will, indeed, sing live (unlike those WBFF morning anchors), while the KGO site has an AP story featuring Chris Culliver of the Niners apologizing for anti-gay comments he made earlier in the week.

I’m not seeing any football on the KRON homepage right now, while KTVU checks in with Randy Moss. Remember him?