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'Bachelorette' Boosts KSWB Web Presence

We had some fun earlier this summer finding the most active Twitter-users in the station world, eventually coming up with a short list that includes WSPA Spartanburg’s Amy Wood (13,988 followers, KIRO Seattle’s Jenni Hogan (19,500 followers) and WTMJ Milwaukee’s Susan Kim (a stunning 21,800 Tweets…TMI, anyone?).

But here’s someone who’s got them all beat, though this person does come with an asterisk attached. KSWB San Diego’s Ali Fedotowsky, who made her third appearances as a relationship correspondent on the air this morning.

Ali is, of course, better known as the love-seeking single lady from the past season of The Bachelorette.

KSWB is a Tribune-owned Fox affiliate. News Director Rich Goldner said KSWB was the only San Diego station to reach out to Fedotowsky about doing some work for the station after she and beau Roberto relocated to Southern Cal.

Goldner, who admitted her tenure at the station is “day to day,” said Fedotowsky’s celebrity and girl-next-door charisma were factors in her hiring. So was the fact that she has 51,000 followers on Twitter. (As a frame of reference, my own @StationBiz has, oh, 285 followers.)

“She brought to us a lot of Twitter followers, and that helps us grow [online],” says Goldner.

He says video streams are way up since Fedotowsky debuted this week.