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(Auto)Tuning In to Local News

Perhaps I’m a few months late on this one (someone will ALWAYS point out that you’re way late on the latest viral video craze), but here’s one of the more bizarre sites you’ll see all week. Some merry pranksters known as the Gregory Brothers take news clips, set the audio to AutoTune (the program that made a “singer” out of Paris Hilton and countless other vocally-challenged stars), and add their own musical arrangements.

And, get this, they sell the “songs” on iTunes.

The Gregory Brothers’ most recent creation features Antoine Dodson, who was on the news in Huntsville (the tag says WAFF) after helping foil a rape attempt in his housing project.  Dodson’s “Hide your kids, hide your wife” phrase became the backbone of the tune. (Bouncy melodies notwithstanding, “Bed Intruder” is dark, odd stuff. It’s not for everyone.)

Rolling Stone reported that Dodson was given a credit on the song and a cut of the iTunes revenue, so I guess the whole premise is slightly less exploitative.

The Brothers spoof both local TV clips and network news, including Katie Couric, Megyn Kelly and other network figures.