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The Allure of the Unseemly

Last night, as I was watching a rebroadcast of CNN's Larry King Live that featured Fred and Kim Goldman (the father and sister of Ron Goldman, who was murdered along with Nicole Simpson in 1994), I was struck by the answer that they both gave to one particular question posed by King.

Throughout the show, they expressed their disgust at Judith Regan for getting behind the publication of O.J. Simpson's upcoming book, If I did It, Here's How It Happened, and at Fox for its upcoming interview special, still scheduled on some affiliates for Nov. 29. They urged people to turn off their televisions and not give the interview any rating points. At this point, it seems possible that all of the Fox affiliates will pull out and the interview may not air at all.  But if it does, the Goldmans might be watching.

When asked by King if they would be drawn to watch the interview themselves, they both (admirably) admitted that they didn't know the answer to that question and that there was a part of them that did want to watch it. It is more than understandable that, while they are revolted by the very idea of this interview, they also might want to hear what Simpson has to say for himself in what Regan is calling his "confession" but which Fred Goldman said was anything but for the extraordinarily narcissistic Simpson.

If even the Goldmans might not be able to turn away from the interview if it airs, can any viewer who tunes in  be faulted for his or her morbid curiosity? And might it be as huge a ratings-grabber as that infamous slow-speed car chase?

By Rebecca Stropoli