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All Entertainment News - 2 Coasts, No Waiting

It’s all entertaining today, starting with the east coast and moving west to LA.

Adding the Senior to her Vice President title is CHRISTINA WAYNE over at amc, the movie channel. It’s part of the Rainbow Media group (like WEtv, IFC, etc). Christina is now officially Sr. VP of Scripted Series and Mini Series. She’s been involved in such hits as Mad Men and Broken Trail. At heart, Christina is a writer. Yep, she’s a screenwriter AND a Director, so she has a great eye for material. She began her career as a journalist who wrote for Rolling Stone, Vibe and even the LA Times Magazine. Way to go!

Just blocks from where I’m writing this is Nickelodeon’s Burbank offices, where longtime Nic executive BROWN JOHNSON will be taking the Big Office now that he’s been named President of Animation. Brown, which is a great name and not a bad color, has been instrumental with another color: Blues Clues.  He’s been with Nick for 20 years and the list of projects he’s handled are impressive, indeed. Congrats on the new title and new duties, Brown.

Those who know me know I love Lewis Black. Just love him because he is so funny! So it is with pleasure to tell you that SCOTT LANDSMAN has been promoted to VP of Original Programming and Development at Comedy Central. Scott also developed "Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil" pilot, which will premiere this March. He’ll be officing in LA and report to JIM SHARP, Sr. VP Original Programming and Development. Cool, Scott.

Turner Entertainment Promotions and Marketing has announced the advancement of two: PATTY GILLETTE  to vice president of promotions management and MICHELLE SPINALE to vice president of promotions development. Both will be based in NYC and report to Sr. VP KATHERINE JOHNSON, Sr.  Gillette joined Turner almost fifteen years ago as director of sponsorship for the Goodwill Games. Spinale came to Turner two years ago from The WB Network, and has worked for Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company and Twentieth Century Fox.

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