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‘20/20’ Vision

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<p><br/>by Scotty C. the Intern</p>
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<p align="left"><br/>As I sat in Barnes &#38; Noble in Manhattan last night, waiting for John Stossel of 20/20 fame to come out and promote his Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity book, various questions were flying through my head. Which one would spark the most furor without getting me fired, I wondered. </p>
<p>I did not like John Stossel. He has always come off as close-minded jerk, yelling at anyone he’s interviewed that’s ever disagreed with him, and flip-flopping his position from consumer advocate to big business champion–and in the process insulting my young-minded ideals.</p>
<p>The owner of the “best moustache on television,” according to B&#38;C Week, Stossel walked in to the full room with an arrogant look on his face. Then he began to talk, concentrating on the education problem in this country, and Stossel–a guy who once said price gouging is good, a guy I was referring to only hours before by names that can’t be printed on this blog (OK, one was ass-bag)–was making perfect sense. I found myself agreeing with every point he was making. </p>
<p>“Monopolies don’t work,” he said of the government overseeing all public schools. “Competition inspires people to do better, and the current system is a recipe for mediocrity. And when the system does work it’s like the government jumps in front of a parade and said it was leading it the whole time.”</p>
<p>When I asked Stossel about school vouchers, he responded, “Why not attach the money to the kids and give them choices, instead of spending it just to spend it?” </p>
<p>Fair point. </p>
<p>Had I just played accomplice to John Stossel? Can I no longer go on despising the man? Damn you, John Stossel, perfect mustache and all, for totally changing my view about you. I’m sorry for calling you an ass-bag. </p><!– google_ad_section_end –></div>