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140 Characters of Clarity: Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye

Once again: little of what you read is true in terms of who breaks up. Please stop freaking about it. It makes me sad for you.

@shondarhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice creator/executive producer)Ambiguity in the fine print of #FCC proposed #NetNeutrality rule could undermine the open Internet:

@TimKarr (campaign director, Free Press)

Shot with Ed O’Neill and Chazz Palminteri. Oh yeah, also spent the morning with Julie Bowen in her underwear. Now that’s a great day.

@SteveLevitan (Modern Family co-creator/executive producer)

I’m so tired and unfunny in the writers room today I’m forced to adopt the persona of a ironically unfunny writer in order to save face

@mindykaling (actor/writer, The Office)

Candy corn is way better than regular corn. Tell the farmers. Spread the word.

@rainnwilson (actor/writer, The Office)