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‘The Riches’: Wisdom of Fools

So the absolute ridiculousness of deciding to snort a handful of meth to prove a point aside, last night’s Riches did provide some interesting insights into the minds of Dahlia and Wayne as they switched roles for the duration of the episode. We learned that Dahlia can keep things together when it all hits the fan, she just lashes out at those in her way as she does it. We learned that Wayne had absolutely no idea what she’d been going through with her drug use, and that, above all, he has built his world around and for her.

There were some very sweet sentiments at the end of a very weird episode.

Outside of the main plot line, we have the horrifying idea that someone thisclose to a meth overdose can walk in to a nursing home, claim to be someone else, and kidnap a patient. Two of the only moments of the series so far in which we see Dahlia relax is due to this patient, when Cherien’s mother takes her hand in a motherly fashion, and again, during the same scene, when she concludes that Dahlia is not Cherien, because Cherien “was a bitch.”

One question I’d love to have answered is who was it that the old lady kept calling on her cell phone. No one ever seemed to call back.

I was pretty excited because Hartley Underwood was back. She’s played by Kaitlin Olson from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which we learned during the commercials will be returning some time this summer. Hartley is just so over the top in her pretentiousness and awfulness, and now she has a broken foot to go along with her lack of arm. We also see her husband for the first time, as he enters the room using his walker and proves to be several generations older than her. Teaming her up with Dale will just give her new power to irk the Riches. One-armed hijinks will ensue, I’m sure.

Before those sweet moments between Dahlia and Wayne could happen, we were treated to watching Wayne drinking with his priest. We’d found out earlier that he’d been raised by Jesuit brothers in an orphanage, which would mean that, ostensibly, he’s drinking with his father figure. So we have Cherien/Dahlia’s mom, who offers Dahlia comfort from the depths of her senility; Wayne’s dad, who drinks with him as he goes through his own existential crisis; and a role reversal of the two main characters.

All in all, it was a busy episode. I look forward to next week, when it seems we’ll see more of the kids again.