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‘The Riches’: Marinating Some Tempting Televison

The Riches made two very important ideas clear to me last night. One, it is entirely possible to make your protagonist’s benefactor as unsympathetic as your basic soap opera diva villain. Two, I should not take life advice from indie movies.

I say this because I have long loved the movie “Kissing Jessica Stein." At one point in the film, the eponymous Stein shows that she is falling for another character by proclaiming her love of the use of the word “marinate” to describe the mental mulling over of an idea.

Yeah, I know most people could have told me not to accept counsel from movies. At least, not from movies without humongous studio budgets.

Within the first few minutes of last night’s episode, Doug/Wayne’s kind of awful, kind of awfully wonderful boss, Hugh, uses the verb “marinate” in just such a way that would have made the fictional Stein swoon. The rest of the episode was spent exposing and exploiting as many of Hugh’s character flaws as possible during a dinner party.

It’s some kind of amazing when a character’s drug addiction is his most sympathetic quality. Joan Collins had nothing on him.

I need to find a new verb.