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‘The Daily Show’ Going Live Inauguration Day

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will be going live next Tuesday, the day of Barack Obama’s swearing in as President of the United States.

Going live that evening at 11 p.m. will give the writers on the show a chance to pick apart Obama’s speech (and the media “analysis” that is sure to follow).

The Daily Show has gone live before, most notably on election night for its one-hour Indecision specials.

Going live can be an expensive and risky proposition, but if anyone can pull it off, it would be the crew from The Daily Show.

And let’s not forget, the election drew record ratings for the program and sibling The Colbert Report, culminating with the Indecision special. It might be a few years before there is an event that will bring them to that level again. They might as well spend that budget while they can.