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Starz Sets May Premiere Date for ‘The Spanish Princess’

Starz will debut its original limited series The Spanish Princess on May 5, the network said Thursday.

The Spanish Princess, the third installment following miniseries The White Queen and The White Princess, focuses on the life of Catherine of Aragon, told uniquely from the point of view of women, and sheds light on the lives of people of color living and working in 16th century London. The series is produced by Playground and All3 Media’s New Pictures and, like the first two installments, is drawn from the global best-selling novels of Philippa Gregory.

"Catherine of Aragon has generally been depicted negatively, as an unwanted and burdensome wife, so this story of her early years as a strong, driven young woman and shrewd political player is a fresh and untold tale,” said The Spanish Princess showrunners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham in a statement. “We are also especially pleased to be able to bring into the light the inspiring story of people of color in early Tudor England.”