YouTube Gets More TV Friendly

Adding features designed to make it easier for users to search for and navigate its OTT video environment, YouTube has updated its app for the TV for the Xbox One, and will soon extend it to other TV-connected streaming devices “in the following weeks,” YouTube software engineer Tyler Breisch announced Thursday via this blog post.

The new TV-tailored look will also be coming to the Sony PlayStation 3, Roku and smart TVs, according to Variety.

According to YouTube, the updated app will present channels its users subscribe to via a guide on the left hand side of the screen, much like the guide YouTube is using now for browsers, smartphones and tablets. YouTube is backing that up with a recommendations-based “What to Watch” section and the option for users to tack on playlists curated by others.

The TV-facing update enters play as YouTube looks to generate more traffic for its array of ad-supported channels as well as its growing slate of paid offerings, which were launched last May.

This video shows the updated app in action: