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Youthful Awards Shows Top Twitter Trends

Events featuring young, attractive talent is the key to generating buzz on Twitter, according to the messaging service’s own ranked list of TV-related trending topics that “captured our attention this year.” #KCA, as in Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, was No. 1 in the world of TV, followed by #TeenChoice. No. 3 was #AlDubEBTamangPanahon, which referred to a concert event in the Philippines, then #더쇼, which is related to a South Korean music program, and #AMAs.

Slots 6-10 were occupied by the hashtagged phrases The Walking Dead, PLL (Pretty Little Liars), Empire, RisingStar and BieberRoast.

In the news world, the top hashtag was jobs, then Quran, ISIS, PrayForParis, LoveWins and CharlieHebdo.

BlackLivesMatter was No. 8.

In the tech arena, iPad was the top Twitter trend, followed by SoundCloud, Android, Periscope and iPhone.

OneDirection ruled the music world on Twitter while Ariana Grande was the top trending star.