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Writers to Picket on Wall Street Tuesday

The striking Writers Guild of America East will take its case, literally, to Wall Street on Tuesday.

The union, whose strike with producers entered its second week Monday, said it will picket Tuesday in Battery Park in the Financial District, at the corner of State Street and Bowling Green, and will distribute leaflets around the New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan.

In a statement, the WGAE said it is going to the financial district “since the media conglomerates keep boasting of their new media profits to shareholders while simultaneously crying poverty to writers.”

On Wednesday, WGAE members will demand that The Walt Disney Co. recognize their work, which is generating increasing sales, especially on the Internet, when they picket at the World of Disney on Fifth Avenue.

The WGA’s contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expired Nov. 1, and one of the key issues in negotiations is new media, over how much in residuals should be paid for downloads and whether writers should be compensated when their content is streamed on the Internet.