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WJLA Is Supersizing Presidential Returns

Sinclair's WJLA-TV Washington is going big with its tally of the presidential race.

The ABC affiliate will project those returns 10 stories tall (110 ft. tall by 200 ft. wide) on the outside of its 33-story Roslyn, Va., headquarters on election night beginning at 7 p.m.

"We are going to use separate graphics that will only show presidential returns and nothing else," said Shania Holloway, communications director. "We will show candidates with electoral college counts as well as the map as states turn blue or red."

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“There is no doubt this is one of the biggest presidential elections of our lifetime,” said ABC7 Director of News Mitch Jacob, “and what better way to showcase and share this story with our community as it unfolds than with 10-story tall real-time returns on the side of our Rosslyn, Virginia home.”

WJLA is billing the data display, a partnership with Quince Imaging, as a public service offering.