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Wireless Workers Launch New 'Network'

Wireless companies face not only intimations of the government creating its own 5G network, but a different type of network aimed at their businesses.

Communications Workers of America members at AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have created a national network of union and non-union workers organizing to "protect good jobs and quality customer service."

According to CWA, hundreds are meeting in Orlando Tuesday (Jan. 30) to strategize about changing the industry "from within." That coincided with a planned demonstration in front of AT&T and Verizon stores there by wireless workers in support of AT&T Wireless employees in the Southeast currently trying to negotiate a new contract.

The new Wireless Workers United released the following statement of principles.

• "Fair Wages, Commissions and Benefits: Workers demand additional compensation for all time worked, improved job security, a transparent commission structure, tuition reimbursement, paid leave and child care assistance, flexible scheduling and regular raises to reflect cost-of-living increases.

• "Respect for Employees as People and as Workers: Workers demand the freedom to organize for better conditions, fair policies and flexibility in scheduling, an end to arbitrary reassignment, and realistic goals that consider sales climate and products.

• "Support, Training and Communication with Management: Workers demand the ability to provide feedback to the management team, consistency across work groups in training, policies, and procedures, and evaluations based on observations, not metrics.

• "Honest and Integrity in Customer Relations: Workers demand that customer care always be separate from sales, technical support, and billing issues to ensure the best outcomes for customers. That means that solutions should be tailored to customer needs, not the latest promotions, and that customers not be subjected to unethical sales tactics that result from unattainable sales goals."